Many of us have long forgotten our childhood dreams and yet from time to time we meet those, whose eyes still sparkle with excitement when they talk about their greatest passion. For the Belarusian Business and Journalism student Darya Bavykina dancing has become a lifestyle. Even though her career as a performer has always been complementary to her studies, Dasha has managed to grow as a dancer, choreographer and performer, finding opportunities to dance and fearlessly taking advantage of them. Faced with the dilemma what direction should her life take after she graduates from the American University in Bulgaria, Dasha is following her heart and shooting for the stars.

If you know Dasha, you have definitely been charmed by her sweet personality and her wild curls. Here are 4 things you might not know about her!

Dasha Bavykina, dreamcatching for the Broadway Performance Club

1. She has been dancing for a while now

Dasha started dancing at the age of 6 and changed few dancing groups, until she joined Belka Dance School – the biggest and most competitive dancing school in her home town Vitebsk, Belarus. There she was trained in a style, combining classical, oriental, break, tectonic, hip hop, rnb and latino moves. In Belka Dance School, she was also helping her choreographer with the general concepts of the dances.Dasha Bavykina, dancing at Belka Dance School


2. She totally saved the show

At a show concert in Vitebsk, her fellow dancers did not manage to change their costumes quickly enough for 1 of the dances, when the music started. Dasha was the only 1 out of 10 girls to hit the stage and she pulled off the beginning of the dance all by herself, entertaining the audience until the rest of the dancers were ready to join. She describes this experience as “winning over my insecurities”.Dasha, performing for the Broadway Performance Club

3. She has choreographed 3 musicals

When she came to the American University in Bulgaria, she joined the Broadway Performance Club. The following year she became the youngest choreographer in the history of the organization, at the age of 18. She choreographed 3 musicals: All Shook Up, Burlesque and Catch Me if You Can, mentoring and teaching approximately 20 dancers per project and rehearsing every day for 3 academic years.

Rehearsal at AUBG

4. She is going for professional dancing

Dasha has been just warming up with her dancing so far! She is currently applying for performance schools and programs in New York City as a step in her plan to pursue a professional dancing career! At the question how is she getting prepared for this life-changing experience, Dasha did not hesitate in her answer even for a second: “ If I want to succeed in this business, I should do it (rehearse) 10 000 times more than I want to or I think I should. I am still getting there. I think I should push myself more.”


I’ve had the pleasure to dance with Dasha and be choreographed by her in 2015. Ever since, I’ve been amazed by her charismatic stage presence and unbelievable moves. I’m wishing her good luck on the bumpy and exciting road she has decided to take and I hope that her bravery inspires others to peruse what they love doing and catch their dreams!

Dasha, performing for the Broadway Performance Club